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Mieka Joi’s passion for the art of fashion began in Kindergarten class, while wearing a custom two-piece leather skirt suit on picture day. When other children were pulling candy and coins out of their pockets, Mieka was pulling hers out of her pint size Gucci purse. It was obvious then that fashion was in her blood.

Mieka majored in Mass Media Arts at Clark Atlanta University, with aspirations of becoming a publicist. Although she had dreams of opening a public relations firm, interning with Roca Wear, prior to her junior year, is where she realized that her passion was fashion. This led her to launch Socialite Styling styling company that included A-list celebrity clients. At the age of 21, Mieka began her styling and personal shopping career which quickly grew through word of mouth.

In 2013, she launched another company, Rich Girl Candy, which started out as an online high end consignment store and evolved to where it is today, a popular online store.

Her eye for fresh inventive and inspirational style is a treat to her clients, and she wants nothing more than for them to look their best.

“There was always a reason to get dressed up in my household, always a special occasion to indulge in fashion, accessories and everything beauty.”

-mieka joi

Mieka Joi’s Rich Girl Candy is a lifestyle brand comprised of sweat suits, one of a kind hoodies, hats, t-shirts, and accessories. In addition to being showcased at both NYFW 2013 and NYFW 2015, the Rich Girl Candy brand is a go-to brand for many A-list celebrities.




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